We are excited about the University of Florida’s 2024 Mentor Protégé Program!

With our efforts to help create a pool of available and qualified small businesses that can provide products and services to meet the needs of the institution, we are building effective working relationships between mature established firms (mentors) and small businesses at different stages interested in working with UF (proteges). In addition, we have created an evolving curriculum to offer insight, knowledge, and direction from UF departments with the goal that proteges will learn how to successfully navigate the institution.

Kickoff Reception

As we kick off the new year, we are eager to introduce our new protégés to their mentors at the 2024 UF Mentor Protégé Program Kickoff Reception. To help support our efforts with hosting this event, we kindly request your sponsorship for this program. Your sponsorship supports the resources to host the program’s Kickoff Reception, and monthly sessions, including the graduation ceremony.

Financial Contributions 

Event = $5,000
Food = $2,500
Beverage/Drink = $1,500
Desserts = $1,000
General = $500

Thank You!