Department Series

Department Series: Helping small businesses to work with UF

In our effort to help small businesses work with UF departments, we have launched a workshop series called “Doing Business with UF!”

The goal of this program is to inform potential small business suppliers of how to do business with the various UF departments, with the intended outcome of increasing small business utilization at the institution.

With this program, UF departments will have an opportunity to provide details about 2 key areas: the department’s function/role at the institution and the products/services they procure. Below are the workshop details and pertinent questions/statements to address in your presentation.


Preferred arrival / log in time
12:00pm – 12:05pm
Introduction: UF Small Business Relations (SBR)
12:05pm – 12:50pm
UF Department will present 
12:50pm – 1:00pm
Questions from attendees (SBR will moderate and end workshop)

Presentation format: PowerPoint (or a similar format)

Questions/Statements to address (feel free to include additional information):

  • Department function: What is the purpose of your department at UF?
  • Department role: What role does your department play in the functioning of the institution?
  • Products/services your department purchases
  • Expectations when choosing a certain supplier (i.e. quality of product, customer service, professionalism, etc)
  • Contact information if a supplier is interested in providing their product/service to your department (i.e. email, phone, website, etc)

Note: anticipate your department’s presentation being sent to attendees following workshop

Interested in facilitating a workshop?
As a UF department, we would like to register to facilitate a workshop with the intent to: provide an overview of our role/function at the institution, inform small businesses about the products/services we procure and identify a contact (for small businesses to connect with our department).(Required)