What to Expect

As a participant in this program, you will receive direct guidance from program administrators and hands on training with appropriate-sized projects over a 12-month period. Our goal is to accept 3-4 firms within the landscape and landscape-related industries. Firms will have the opportunity to participate on projects/service agreements that are up to $30k.

The program will begin with a curriculum overview of various topics. All sessions are interactive and attendance is mandatory at all sessions.

Session 1

(2 hours – Discussion & Questions)

  1. Title: “Work Performance”
    • Description: Learn the steps to performing acceptable work
  2. Title: “Scoping of the Work”
    • Description: Learn the process of scoping with UF Grounds team
  3. Title: “Estimating Procedures”
    • Description: Know important things to consider when pricing your projects.
  4. Title: “Rules of Engagement”
    • Description: working on Campus i.e. Parking, access to work areas, outage requests, clean-up requirements, etc.
  5. Title: “Submitting Invoices”
    • Description: Process to submitting invoices (UF templates)
  6. Title: “Quality Control”
    • Description: Job completion verification

Following this, program administrators will assign certain projects to program participants, upon which administrators will explain project evaluation criteria for firm’s successful completion of assignments.